Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mucus cleaning as a stop snoring remedy

Well, I told you that in search for the most suitable stop snoring remedy I've surfed through hundreds of websites and wormed dozens of books. But this time I'm gonna tell you about the stop snoring remedy that I've discovered from my own experience.

It happened by chance. I used to drink distilled water and one day I noticed that I have lots of snots & snivels. It meant that my body mucus began to dissolve and exude. And at the same time my snore became more and more silent. I realized at once that mucus cleaning can be a stop snoring remedy. I stopped eating food of mucus - farinaceous foods, meat and milk, and began to eat more vegetables - potatoes, cabbage, beet. Also following Paul Bragg's tips I began to fast one day a week and it facilitated mucus eduction from the body.

That's it. Please remember, I'm not forcing you to eat healthy food and practise fasting. Your health is up to you. But I know you've come here probably because you have the same problem that I once had and now have it no more. So take my words seriously. Cleaning your body from mucus can be a stop snoring remedy and it works. So as the proverb says: a clean fast is better than a dirty breakfast.

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